The Bub book is out, as indicated by this box full of them we just received! Most of you who pre-ordered have received yours in the mail by this point – and THANK YOU for that. For those of you who didn’t pre-order, fear not! The book remains available via a bevy of means. First and foremost, our local bookstore friends down in Chinatown, @nowservingla, stock the book HERE.


They’ll be available at our retail store as well as our 2 farmer’s market stands. In the pages within, I present you some philosophical nuggets about bread making, business making, and life making, a history of the bakery, how a bakery and bread actually work and a nice beefy recipe for making your own sourdough at home without cutting any corners. The moola you (potentially) spend on these things is divvied up with equity in mind between our publishers, myself, the designers (the ridiculously talented @workofclub) and our illustrator, Eliza Cuevas. So snag some. It helps everyone involved, including, hopefully, yourself.