Catering/Pie Preorder/Large Day-of Orders

What You Need to Know!

FOR LARGE DAY-OF ORDERS (more than $200) PLEASE EMAIL AND WE’LL SEND OVER AN INVOICE FOR AHEAD OF PICKUP PAYMENT. PLEASE NOTE: These orders will have a 20% large order fee added on.


  1. Our cutoff for catering/pie orders is 4 days prior to pickup before 9am. So if you need your order picked up on Saturday, it must be placed before 9am Tuesday.
  2. To place an order take a peek at the menu below, put together your order, and give us a shout via complete with the following information:
    • Name
    • Organization
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Pick up date AND time (between 10:30am and 3pm)
    • Order details (please note: all subs will be cut into ninths and muffuletta into fourths unless otherwise requested)
  3. We’ll get back to you asap with an estimate to approve. Once you do, we’ll send an invoice for payment. Payment must be completed prior to pickup.
  4. Please make sure to pick up at the agreed upon time and if there are any issues in doing so, please let u know as soon as possible (again, via
  5. And here is a list of a few general notes:
    • Please make sure to list any allergies or other restrictions at the time of your inquiry.
    • As a general rule, we can subtract ingredients from menu items, but cannot add.
    • All sandwiches come as detailed on the menu. If you have any special requests please make sure to ask for them ahead of time!
    • At the moment, our catering orders are pick up only. If that’s a gamekiller, give us a shout anyway and we’ll see what’s possible.

** PLEASE NOTE: All catering orders are subject to a 20% catering service fee. This fee is in place to cover the costs of fulfilling these orders during regular restaurant service, packaging, admin, and staffing.